Smells Like 2019 Again! When Shall My Infinite, Fishbach-inspired, Atemporal Causality-related, So-called Wormloophole-like Mental System End? (@SHE)

SHE: is a kind of E.T.

SHE: would sing at dawn a Franz Ferdinand’s song about the expansion of the universe.

SHE: is the one and only person in the universe who once, in 2020, told me: “maybe people got scared and have been rejecting you because through BIPOLARITY REPORT and FISHBACH PROGRAM you used to exhibit too much the Earth’s truth out loud.”

Picture from so-called ergotherapy-blush response session hereafter shows how I am now trapped in a half-virtual/half-real world. Better than playing dead in the real world, isn’t it? Iain, Lauren, Martin, do you copy?


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