A Short Humble Poem On Facebook

You can see me and like me but I am your inside’s worst enemy
I am what you fear the most to become in the infinity
I am the failure, the swine, the crawling worm, the poverty
I am the precocious sickness, the invalidity, the death-at-the-door
I am the ugly face in your hidden mirror
I am the virus, the dark side of the artificial shiny blue book
Do not even dare to search in water close to me a hook
And by those lines I am the voice of a billion silent ones
And by those lines you may guess that once I wore a crown
It was a tale of a river full of fishes in Spring
But there is no Mylene for me as a Sting
Though when I look upon my life
I realise in my dreams I have always had one wife
I was twelve years-old
Magical life was unfold
Pet Shop Boys Patsy Kensit I will always love you until the end…

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