The Unknown (But Beautiful) Ones

The only one I have seen in the real world is Mat Osman, the bassist of the band Suede (whose concert in Salle Pleyel, Paris, tomorrow, I should have assisted in ‘normal’ conditions), who reads systematically my articles when I call him on Twitter. The others, according to the statistics map delivered daily by WordPress, are from France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia, China, Mexico, Ecuador, United States, Canada, etc. I will undoubtedly never meet them but they may form the majority of my readers — at least they probably read me more than most of my friends. When they have a WordPress account, they frequently press the ‘Like’ button. Yesterday, I wrote a post on the Brett Anderson’s fan page on Facebook: “I’m in a clinic. I will miss the Suede’s concert in Paris in 2 days. I’m crying.” I received a priceless support and saw the statistics of readers of my blog gently exploded. By the present lines I would like to acknowledge them and dedicate the aforementioned song to them. I will never forget. ♥♥♥

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