Choose Mental Sickness

Choose mental sickness
Choose bipolar disorder
Choose being high
Choose being low
But don’t choose when
Choose believing or ignoring when they tell you will find equilibrium
Because in the end you will be either heads either tails and that’s all
Choose low self-esteem
Choose being afraid of yourself
Choose shame and choose hiding
Choose losing your friends
Choose voices in your head
Choose death thoughts
Choose lithium until the end of your life
Choose electroschocks
Choose many nice meds cocktails
And all their side effects
Choose Viagra
Choose nazi nurses as sexual fantasies
Choose to throw your money away
Choose drugs
Choose renouncement, pessimism, extreme melancholia, exhaustion, even suicide
Choose to lose your job
Choose social margins
Choose spending your vacations in hospitals, clinics, and aftercare houses
Choose meditation, yoga, sophrology as many useless further therapy methods
Choose feeling like a rat
Choose feeling like Superman
Choose pathological obsessions
Choose showbiz celebrities’ harassment
Choose Fishbach
Choose a God
Choose belief, disanchment, being the rain, being the dust
Choose a stupid pastime and devoting yourself to it
Choose blogging with the illusion it will give a sense to your illness
Choose trying to forget your past
Choose trying to not think about your future
Choose vomiting in social networks
Stop dreaming
Choose silence
Choose a hole
Choose losing your life
Choose hating being bipolar it’s awesome
Choose mental sickness

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