I started this blog on 12 August 2020. Despite an unexplainable gap of 6 months last year, I wrote more than 100 articles, most of the time in a state of (deep) depression. Apart from Poem to Fishbach (inspired by Sylvestre), I don’t know if I can be proud of anything. Was I though waiting for something? When you’re a lonely blogger–writer in the dark, recovering from the worst in your life, with on average 0 to a few readers per day, you always wait for something. Being suddenly, nicely, kind of officially highlighted by a dear, long-lost friend of yours on Facebook as it can be seen in the screen print image below is akin to be acclaimed in the press. You don’t cry, you don’t smile, you don’t shout, you don’t dance… You just contemplate the digital universe in front of you. Thank you, Barbara. Love and strength forever.


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