“The Everlasting Gaze”: The Playlist Of My Trip Back

Relax. Take a deep breath. They may think wrong, they may be wrong. Are you paranoïd? Yes, a lot, but… Take care. Is there someone in the world ready to think that, because you have superimposed a 1982 Blade Runner picture and a 2022 Fishbach picture (posted on Facebook and in the article entitled “2017–2022 [Five Years Of Tales From The Blue Hour And The Future]”), you may wanna be her outside-the-web hunter? Yes, very probably. Hey people, She has already a lover, necessarily! And if there is — beyond the simple aim of wanting to draw something nice and slightly metaphysical — a ‘love’ meaning to seek, Blade Runner’s Rachel would be Camila and Fishbach… Well (weary breath), would be Flora. Forget it, they don’t pay attention. Murphy’s Law, one more time. But there is someone. It may be a silent and treacherous friend of yours. It may be Her. It may be her obscure–glittering co-songwriter Valoy – don’t try to contact him one more time like you did awkwardly two years ago, despite you have always thought, since the beginning of all of this (2016–2017), He was the true ‘intermediary element’ in a rush of ideas or, up to a certain point, in your life timeline — one day he will understand that you have been loving Him, in a distinct way, as much as you have been loving Her. The ‘someone’ may also be your Other One, somewhere in a former life or in a parallel universe. Or… Stop. You’re a not a psychopath, you’re just a fragile and very lonely psychotic person trying by all means to be heard somewhere — and the more you write, the more you post, the more people ignore even reject you. Of course you would suicide if She or one of her relatives sued you. We talked about your Other One. Do you remember Besançon in Winter 2019? It was breakfast time in the hotel and your Other One was talking to you, telling that he had had a love affair with Her and that it was incredible. Has he tried to talk to you during the last hours, the last days? No. He has been retired, you retired him, don’ t you remember? Tac, tac, tac… Focus on your stay here. Find a (dirty) girl. Is it hard? Yes, because you’re shy and wanna live in your childish dreams and because you cannot help being obsessed by Her and addicted to the ‘She is the needle and your are the vein’  recurrent rule (third fishachomnia crisis in five years; to be contained and overcome this time)  — and oh! Yes, when you saw 11:11 on the digital clock, your only wish was that, one day,  somewhere in the world, far away from you, Fishbach would play the hereafter playlist. Then, make it as horrible as you can for her ears. Anyway, She has gone faster: you have just discovered the abovementioned picture now appears with the related article in the Mentions’ page on her Facebook platform. You will see her live again. Time to smoke… Is there anyone understanding that cigarettes have been flavourless during two years and that, suddenly, since your mood bend, they have had an incredible taste? It may be the same for love and lust, of course…

1. Kasabian: “Club Foot”

2. White Lies: “To Lose My Life”

3. Interpol: “No I In Threesome”

4. Alain Chamfort: “Manureva”

5. Kent: “Heavenly Junkies”

6. Suede: “She” 

7. Valoy: “Blue Eyes”

8. 22-20’s: “Shoot Your Gun”

9. The Von Bondies: “C’mon C’mon”

10. Vitalic: “Eternity”

11. BRMC: “American X”

12. Soundgarden: “Boot Camp”

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