Like A Song…

(Paris, mai 2017)

Hello, hello, allô

On Monday I put a LOL on my window
And went out for a ride

Late in the day, in a bar, under the see falling from the sky
I showed the LOL to two gypsy kitty cats on their way off to Holland
They were just passing by
I told them to pay attention
To the rules and words
And Time
And the Eye see that appears in the red box
They noticed the intermittent blinking
On the screen

Their reactions were so different from my lover
She’s called France and sings “Poupée de cire poupée de son”

Then, I went a little bit paranoid android
I took my pills and made my breakfast
Going through the Tube
Walking through the city
Counting thousand millions people
Half of them were elsewhere
In their hand

I asked gin and tonic and felt supersonic
Do you remember our jokes about Thor?

There, There
I received massive attacks to my I.D.
Some of them passing through the Wall
Others crashing against It just as flies
But nothing
Neither to Documents nor to Money

I decided to come back Here
And I sent my messages in bottles
Just as shouts and LOL

Yesterday, while my guitar gently weeped
I put another LOL on my balcony
Did those bastards really tried to grind me?
The LOL is Dressed in black

In my dreams I wonder
About the underground
Can we live in Underground?
Which mysterious ways could we move?

If you think about it
Think about the World
Think about the Tank
The One whose Heart could be of Glass
Then throw your arms around Us
And laugh or cry it out loud
But never stop crying your Heart Out

And now,
Take the Time
Lie in Venus and Furs
Listen to the sad songs
Lucky and I Will
Listen to the band
Pay attention to the signals
So ask yourself
Are you a sitting duck?
Are you an accident waiting to happen?
And if you LOVE
Then set them free

But let them fly around the Blue Sky

Is there and End to the Story?
A Rose once told me that it’s in the Eye that lies the Soul
But which one?
Or the One’s living underground?
Or maybe… Us… as One?

In worst case scenario, let the Music carry away
Because never forget
That Music is your only Face
Until the end… If there is one

One thought on “Like A Song…

  1. ça commence un peu comme “A Day in the Life” et ça se termine comme “When the Music is Over”. Deux chefs d’œuvres de 1967


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